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About Flink
  • Design makes you see things differently.


At Flink, we believe in the power of design. Most of us have already experienced the impact a well-designed house style or packaging design can have, but design is everywhere and not all design solutions are equally visible.

Design can help to visualise ideas but can also solve a variety of problems: it can change attitudes, improve production processes or put people in motion.

In essence, the task of the designer is to translate complex information into a simple and comprehensible concept, always with the end user in mind. It’s a continuous search between the ideal form, aesthetics and practical feasibility. It's not just visual designers who are good at this, it takes a team of visual, technical and commercial thinkers.

That's why we work with a diverse team of creative thinkers. In addition to this, we have a network of specialists whom we collaborate with to execute our ideas. Our starting point is always the brand: from a strong identity, we design creative house styles and communication tools, but we also go beyond graphic design and design products, packaging, spaces and wayfinding solutions.

If you want to know what Flink can do for your brand, please contact us at +32 3 227 06 53 or email info@flink.be
Our services: brand & communication strategy, name creation, logo & house style design, web design, product & packaging design and spatial design.