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How strong is your brand?

At Flink, we design brands. Brands don’t exist without design, but good brand design can only be based on a strong brand. The best brands have a clear and inspiring identity: a very important foundation of successful companies today! A strong brand not only attracts potential clients, it can also be the driver for company culture, business development and the power to innovate. Is your brand strong enough to be at the core of your company?

To answer this question, we have developed our own method. This method is always adapted to your brand's situation. There is no such thing as a one-trick pony that works for everybody. Whatever the case, we start with a non-committal chat where we listen to your needs, explain our way of working and discuss the situation of your brand. After that we advise you on an approach which we feel is suitable for your brand.

The outcome has a visible and invisible side: the visual identity is how the brand presents itself, and how it can and wants to be recognised. But we also advise you on how the brand can, and should, work for you 'behind the scenes'. This includes the influence on culture, staff, processes and business development, and how it can meet the needs of today's fast-changing environment and the increasingly demanding customer.

This may seem like a heavy and complex undertaking, but rest assured: at Flink we believe in simplicity. So yes, we will need some time to dig deep into your brand (and will enjoy doing so), but the result will always be concise: your brand's essence will be clear, succinct and inspiring for everybody involved.

Of course, a thorough brand strategy is not always necessary. You can always contact Flink for individual design jobs in communications, packaging or spaces.

At Flink, we don't work on specific market segments or only B-to-B or B-to-C. We actually like diversity in our clients, big and small. Working with a variety of clients inspires us and keeps us fresh. But it must be said that the true magic lies in our design style: while we always create a style that fits the brand, our love for simplicity and aesthetics shines through in all of our work. It’s a style that transcends any type of business or brand. 

If you want to know what we can do for your brand, please contact us at +32 3 227 06 53 and ask for Lenny or Jean.

Our services: brand and communication strategy, name creation, logo & housestyle, print and webdesign, POS & packaging design and spatial design.

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