Flink I Spatial Design

Spatial design

Branded spaces.

Companies often build grand modern buildings and sophisticated offices but only create practical and pleasant workspaces. Quite often the brand story stops at the front door with the name and logo. A missed opportunity. 

Branded spaces offer a unique way to interact with brands that leave lasting memories. Sometimes they may need a corporate design, sometimes a fun or aesthetic design, it all depends on the audience and objectives. We love working on installations and branded spaces such as exhibition stands, showrooms, display windows or pop-up events.

Design can also be very functional and useful in influencing the behaviour or experience of people in public spaces. For instance, think of dark parking lots where people immediately feel vulnerable, spaces that experience a lot of vandalism or where we want to direct people through a space.

Do you have a space that needs a design solution? Contact Flink +32 3 227 06 53 and ask for Lenny or Jean.

Our services: branded office spaces, exhibition stands, installations, showrooms, shop-in-shops, thematic shop windows, pop-up shop/event concepts, public spaces and wayfinding design.

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