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Beer & Art: a perfect blend

Beer & Art: a perfect blend

The Duvel Collection has become a tradition that real bear lovers look forward to. Every edition a new artist creates his own unique version of the iconic Duvel glass. For the 2019 edition we worked together with Nina Vandeweghe.

The Ghent born artist now lives and works in the Marolles in Brussels. Bizarre, funny and sometimes downright grotesque figures populate her mixed media works. Although her drawings sometimes look chaotic, each composition is spot-on. Nina's style is therefore a perfect match with the Duvel brand that propagates the motto 'Brewed to be lived'.

Nina has previously worked for theatre companies and magazines and published a series of graphic novels. She also teaches illustration at the KASK in Ghent and is a member of the artists' collective TMH (Tieten Met Haar). Her work has been picked up on several occasions by various national and international galleries.

For this Duvel Collection, Nina drew a series of figures taking a cheerful dip in the glass. After all, life deserves to be celebrated!

Most of the Duvel Collection editions were designed by us, with names like Ely Kishimoto, Parra and Yan Sorgi, and again Flink signed present. Again, we took care of the art direction of the entire project. Besides an update of the Duvel Collection style, we designed a new logo and took care of the design of the packaging and POS communication.