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Innovation by design.

Many companies know that design can make a significant contribution to the success of their business. In fact, British research shows that for every pound companies invest in design, they make over 4 pounds in net profit. And you don't have to be a company like Apple to benefit from good design. It's not always necessary to come up with a radical solution to perform better. Often profit derives from small and smart changes, which could lead to greater breakthroughs. Design as a strategy is not limited to....

the aesthetics of a product. It brings a new kind of creativity which results in a different way of working. This way of working requires a deep insight into customers and their needs or potential problems they (may) experience. This insight provides innovative solutions that, together with good design, make a difference. Simply having the best designers won't achieve this, it takes a team of visual, technical and commercial thinkers, with talent for customer insight.

We specialise in brand driven design solutions for SMEs. This means that the brand is the driver for growth and inspiration as well as a filter in deciding which options are best. Based on our analysis, we will work out a practical plan and help you take the first steps towards an organisation where design is at its core.

Have you developed your own strategy, but you don't have the staff to implement it? We can also assist you in finding the right people or temporary staff to work on a project.

Do you want to know how innovation by design can benefit your company? Please contact us at +32 3 227 06 53 or email info@flink.be for brief free review of your business.

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