Flink I Packaging Design

Packaging Design

The brand in your hand.

In packaging design, we bring together all of our favourite design disciplines. The quest is to find an attractive look and shape, choose the right material that shifts the design just the right way... and preferably remaining sustainable and efficient in production. 

Packaging design has become an important part of a brand's image. Packaging design makes the brand tangible: you can hold it, feel it, smell it and use it! And the importance of packaging design in brand management will continue to grow with technology, offering even more options to create new brand experiences. 

If you want to know what we can do for your packaging, please contact us at info@flink.be or call us at +32 3 227 06 53 and ask for Lenny or Jean.

Our services: research & strategy, concept development, product design, structural & visual design, prototyping, materials selection, prepress, sourcing production partners, POS design.

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