Flink I Web Design: your website needs good design.

Web Design

Your website needs good design.

The famous principle 'form follows function' formed the basis of modernism in the 1930s. The ideal form was a result of the function. It is also a contested vision: it implies that a certain function of a building has only one ideal design... a destruction of creativity many people feel.

Form follows function is still a relevant theme in the present-day design world. Web design is an example of this. With the arrival of 'template designs', representing the ‘ideal’ form of a website, many websites today look the same. Very functional and efficient, but is it also effective?

Our objective is to make your website something that is uniquely yours. Yes, even if we use a template, it still needs good design to make it work! 

Our services: we work on small & simple web projects as well as the design of custom web experiences, from concept and design to webdevelopment. 

​​Do you want to know what Flink can do for your web project? Please contact us at info@flink.be or call us at +32-3 227 06 53

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