BARRIK.Wine Meets Art

Wine meets Art

Wine and art: an ancient combination that always remains new and fascinating!

And of course this is a dreamed way to showcase your wine, which Hola! Cava had not failed to notice either. Charmed by our work for Duvel Collection, this Belgian wine estate in Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain, near Barcelona, asked us to work out a similar project for ‘Barrik’ – their unique, barrel-shaped ‘bag in a box’ concept in which they market a range of delicious organic wines.

With the BARRIK&ART concept, we wanted to highlight the expression of ‘joie de vivre’ that characterises their wines. We invited a number of artists for an artistic collaboration in which the BARRIK barrels literally became the canvas for a limited series.

For this first edition, 4 different wines were “wrapped up” by Elise VandePlancke, Max Kisman and Dzia. Surprising how well their typical styles perfectly capture the character of the wines: Max Kisman’s powerful graphic language is the perfect visual translation of the spiciness in the 100% Garnacha red, while Elise’s elagant playful style totally suits their summery fresh rosé.

Flink didn’t just take care of the ‘art direction’. Of course, that also included the translation of the artwork to the Barrik packaging and we designed a set of communication tools for the B2B and B2C introduction of the BARRIK&ART project.

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