Cookie cards.

The electronic invoice and e-mail have downgraded corporate stationery into something ‘that if we can do it low cost we can perhaps also have a printed version’. The result: empty printed matter which doesn’t make much of an impact. Too bad, because it can be a powerful communication moment!

With an intelligent design and nice paper choice, corporate stationery is a pleasant visual and tactile experience that the receiver will remember. When done right, it can also make all the difference in quality perception and trustworthiness, especially for start-up companies and brands.

So when Jules Destrooper asked us to review their corporate stationary we wanted it have an added value to the band. Next to a small technical clean up of the logo we created a new style with the iconic pattern of the Butter Crisps embossed in the several stationary items and the business cards. And thus the business card especially became -besides a beautiful visual and tactile experience- also a moment for telling a nice brand story:

Like any waffle bakery at the time, Jules Destrooper had created his own pattern for the Butter Crisps as a signature for his cookies. It was a unique pattern, created as an identification of the maker and Jules even added his initials JD to it. We reinstated the unique waffle pattern signature by giving it a prominent place in the house style. And so the cookie cards were born 🙂

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