LIEFMANS.Craft blends

Craft blends.

For decades, Liefmans brewery produces a few specialty beers blended with old brown beer. These beerblends are not widely known, but have a fair share of true lovers. The brewery decided to bottle these ‘craft blends’ into the smaller, regular beer bottles, but feared the loss of appearance. Flink was asked to design a label that would retain the allure it deserves. It could just not be just another pretty-but-nothing-special beer label.

Inspired by the craftsmanship of the beers and parallels with the craft of making a good wine, we looked for ways to give the beer a label like fine wines can have. Beautiful wine labels convey allure and craftsmanship, sometimes so good that seeing the label you can taste the wine before you drink it. This finesse lies in typography and layout as well as in, for example, the form of the label.

We designed a label shape which gives the feel of a wrapper which is folded around the bottle, as if the bottle is carefully packed or embraced even. The graphic design was given the allure of a wine label, preserving the typical beer code like gold and calligraphic typography, to keep it beerish.

The design underwent many changes to make it technically feasible, but the client was so enthusiastic about the design that they made every effort to realize it. The result is a beer label design like no other, for a beer like no other.

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