DE KONINCK.Unwrapping Cuvée Modeste

Unwrapping Cuvée Modeste.

For the introduction of a new specialty beer at the annual beer festival in Antwerp, Flink was asked to create a teasing display. The ‘Cuvée Modeste’ beer is a tribute to the founder of the ‘De Koninck’ Brewery, Mr. Modeste Van den Bogaert who led the brewery for more than 50 years. Cuvée Modeste is a specialty beer with the traditional De Koninck as a basis.

To emphasize this ‘Cuvée Speciale’ theme, Flink designed an exhibition stand in the shape of an extra large wooden freight case. In the box the audience got a preview of the bottle and could read all about the new beer and the brewing process. True fans could pre-order a Cuvée Modeste and subscribe to a newsletter as to be kept updated on the brewing process.

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