BREMS.Design doors

Design doors.

Brems was founded in 1907 and evolved from a small wooden shoe manufacturer to a fully industrialized company. Brems is active in timber trading, reselling of wooden floors and manufacturer of design doors. Brems core is historically all about timber, but nowadays the brand image is mostly built around the design doors.

The new identity therefore needed to stick to the core (timber) but also needed to create a strong identity for the design doors.

This meant that we had to be appealing to building contractors as well as architects & luxury home owners. We found inspiration in the typical stencil type marking of the wood pallets stocked in the hangars on the production site. The marketing was translated to a logo based on the typeface Iwan Stencil, a typeface designed by Jan Tschichold in 1929.

The modernist feeling and the fragile stencil character created a logo that kept its roots in timber, but gained a design and edgy character.

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