PASSENDALE.Authentic Belgian cheese

Authentic Belgian cheese.

Passendale is a regional Belgian cheese with a unique method of preparation: the cheeses are hand-crafted and allowed to slowly and naturally seep into linen cloths. This is how Passendale gets her whimsical holey structure and distinctive round shape: no cheese is the same!

The style of the packaging was dated and revealed little of this beautiful story. Our briefing was to stay close to the original design, but to bring it alive with more authenticity and freshness.

In the new design, we added a feeling of craftsmanship in the photography and positioned the cheese prominently to accentuate its beautiful shape. The colour palette was adapted to complement the intensity of flavours in the assortment.

The logo was updated and stripped of unnecessary elements. In the graphic design, we opted for more transparency to highlight the cheese and added the texture of the linen cheese cloths in the background colour to link it to the brand story.

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