TEKNA.Let there be light

Let there be light.

Tekna, based in Lokeren, designs exclusive, customized lighting and fixtures in pure materials. They have two product lines: Nautic and Flat Spot. When we first saw the collection of Tekna were immediately impressed: both the materials and style of the fixtures as light itself is unique.

The Nautic line has a nautical-inspired style, but has gradually evolved into a style that still has a certain link with the nautical, but almost unrecognizable. The Nautic line is unique in that way, the style is hard to define: on one hand it seems classic, yet it also fits perfectly into the most modern architecture.

Additionally, Tekna also makes spotlighting called Flat Spot. Again we were surprised: the light that can be created with these spots is very realistic, clear and yet soft, very impressive. You really need experience to see the effect of the light that can be created by these spots. Professionals who are in search of the perfect light for their spatial design know how important this is.

Tekna wanted to restyle its website and product catalog and asked Flink to create the design. The catalogs were given a rough but elegant style. For the inner pages we created a visual style with a simple layout for the technical specifications to give everything as much space as possible. To have the proper amount of white space is important for style and reading pleasure. Many clients are afraid of white space 🙂 but they shouldn’t: it’s what makes most designs better! For the cover, we chose a raw material, stylish and sturdy, parallel to the robust material of the fixtures.

The website was given a clear structure and a highly visual style with a lot of attention to the catalog and a full CMS for Tekna to easily maintain the website themselves. The products are not available online and are only sold to professional retailers and architects. A professional login was foreseen to share various documents and information.

Photography by André Nullens.

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