ROMAN.Lemonades, Refreshed

Lemonades, refreshed.

Each brewery often has its own spring water sources for brewing its beers, and so has Roman brewery. This spring water is not only used for brewing Roman’s famous beers, it’s also used to make the brewery’s soft drinks. The Roman Brewery lemonades are deliciously simple: no ginseng, green tea, yuzu or probiotics, but traditional flavors in traditional bottles.

With this premise, we went to work on a new label design.

Matching the bottle shape and flavors of the Roman lemonades, we wanted to evoke the atmosphere of the 50s, the period when the lemonades saw the first light. The labels were given a pastel palette and classic typography.

On the caps we placed the spring water icon we designed especially for the Roman well water springs. The geometric shapes bring the design back into current time.

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