BOSQ.Love wood

Love wood.

We were asked to design the new identity of the two merging companies Leysen Wood and Vanvaek: the veneer and finishing company of the BULO group. The passion for wood of founder Bert Leysen made this project a pleasure to work on!

Bert and his team are always looking for new ways to use wood, reseraching new woodtypes or find ways to reinterpret existing types of wood that people view as a bit ‘common’ or even ‘inferior’. There is no such thing as inferior wood according to Bert. As he told us: every tree tells a story: every year the three grows, its shape and form is defined by the circumstances in the surrounding environment. No tree is the same, as it follows its path of nature. Wood is a truly, multipurpose, beautiful and unique material, made by mother nature.

This storytelling is captured in the identity design which is based on the veins of the tree. It are the veins of the tree that give each tree its own identity. We also created the company’s new name: BOSQ. The name derives from the word Bosque: the name for gallery forest on the edge of woodlands, typically growing alongside river banks. Being on the edge seemed fitting for the company’s spirit.

We chose natural colours to stay close to the natural origin of the product.

‘Love wood’ became the tag line to connect BOSQ to BULO, as they are part of the same group of companies.

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