HARTMANN.Luxury Luggage

Luxury luggage.

Hartmann is an American luxury luggage brand with a rich heritage. In 1877 the German immigrant Joseph Hartmann began making suitcases of high quality materials to stylishly protect and transport the belongings of an increasing group of travelers.

Fine printworks are always a perfect combination of art direction, photography, copywriting, choice of paper and finishings. A feast to create!

The idea was to create an elegant, slim A4 size brochure printed on a luxurious matte paper.

The graphic lines of the aluminum case design and the American roots of the brand were the inspiration for the intriguing and architectural image of New York’s Chrysler building on the introduction pages.

For the art-direction of the product photography we envisioned a subtle interplay of structures in the background and soft lighting to give the alumnium a warm and luxurious feeling. Detail shots of the unique finishes make it an exciting and varied whole. In the middle of the brochure we designed a centerfold ‘the art of packing well” that when unfolding shows a beautiful shot of a perfectly packed suitcase.

Photography by Roberto Rodriguez.

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