AZURI.Mobile Madness

Mobile Madness.

The market for all things ‘mobile’ is booming, and thus so are mobile phone accessories. Afterall, the same phone cover every week is soooo boring 🙂 ! It’s not any easy segment to stand out as a brand. A lot of things are important to communicate on the packaging: the brand of the phone, the type, the accessory type, color, size and specification…. Imagine all this on a packaging, displayed on a few square meter-sized shelf, together with a dozen brands, more than 30 type of accessories per brand, customers that turn this shelf upside down picking and choosing…. and the visual chaos is clear!

Azuri is a fast growing brand in this market. Due to rapid growth, many differences had crept into the graphic style and packaging over the years, thereby decreasing efficiency in production and stopping power in the overcrowded shelf space. Flink was consulted to turn this effect around!

Together with Azuri we first analyzed the general store presentation, customer needs and behavior. The first step was to find the proper structure and hierarchy of the on-pack information. In addition, we optimized the dimensions of the packaging with the aim to have a minimum number of formats to pack a maximum number of products. Because a customer can’t unpack the accessories in store, a large window to see the product is important. This also makes the interior an important part of the packaging. We redesigned the shape and chose to make the interiors white instead of transparent to make the accessories come out best. Each packaging also has an image of the product to help customers decide. Therefore we developed a visual language that also ensures a stronger, more uniform appearance.

With a guideline for the new graphic style and die cuts for production, all new packaging can easily be executed while guaranteeing the same visual style. And we see that it works: when checking out the mobile accessories’ department the other day, we were pleased to see that the simplicity and unity of the Azuri packaging stands out well between all the brands of selfie sticks, phone covers, plugs, chargers, screenwipes….and so on!

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