FLAMANT.Online shop

Online shop.

The e-shop has rapidly become a standard option in our shopping life. Retailers can’t ignore this development anymore and have to find some way to serve the digital consumer. Of course, there are many ways to go about this.

Flamant chose to have a special collection of products to be sold exclusively online. As Flamant has built a strong brand over the years it was up to us to continue the brand experience in the e-shop. We created a homepage that resembles a moodboard to create an interior design. If the banners are designed with style, the result will be an attractive moodboard, and thus an appealing shopwindow! The product pages have a big display window to inspire and attract, with each simple product in a clean lay out to let the product shine.

The site was built on Magento which has in itself excellent features to make sure the shop performs well in search engines, it has tried and tested sales and marketing features and an easy to use CMS. Flamant is able to manage to the complete webshop, from managing the products to creating and implementing banners themselves. As many shops are built on Magento, it’s an extra challenge to make it look different from all the others. A job we feel we succeeded in, thanks to a great team!


This site is registered on wpml.org as a development site.