LA WILLIAM.Signature Sauces

Signature Sauces.

At savory sauces specialist La William it is all about taste. The mayonnaise of La William is one of the most popular on the market, but they also invest continuously in finding new and surprising taste variations. This year, La William continues this tradition with the introduction of a set of sophisticated sauces. After an extensive research and tasting period, a truffle, champagne and gin sauce were developed. We were was asked to make the design for this fine set of sauces!

We were aiming for a balance of finesse and modern craftsmanship, as this reflects best the idea and the maker: refined sauces made by craftsmen. This resulted in a design with a simple layout and thin lines with a whimsical structure for a handwritten, artisan feel.

We chose a sleek sans serif typography for flavor names. As the product itself is often the most compelling factor for purchase, we made a transparent, monochrome black design so the sauces themselves form the backdrop of the design. In support of the flavors we designed a fine drawing of the symbol of their origin: grapes, truffle and juniper berries. The seal closure on the cap adds an extra hint for the quality of the sauces. The packing box was given a fine line structure in varnish for an elegant and festive feeling.

To make these fine flavors distinctive from the La William main range, the sauces were given the base line ‘signature sauces by La William’. And that’s what they are: a trio of delicate sauces made by true craftsmen. Taste and judge for yourself!

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