SINELCO.Ultimate skin care

Ultimate skin care.

Sinelco is a company that provides a full range of products for the professional beauty- and hairsalon, materials and furniture to accessories and personal care products. Sinelco wanted to introduce a new care brand named Ambition and commissioned us with brand and packaging design.

Ambition is a hydrating care line for women whose formula was developed in the laboratory Sinelco. The product promised after a few weeks of use to restore the skin’s moisture content by 95%, an ambitious target! For that reason we gave the brand baseline: the ultimate hydration formula.

Ambition is only available through professional salons and is in the middle segment of the market. An important consideration in the design was the fact of beauty: the design of the product should not be so dominant that it dominates the style of hairdressing or beauty itself. Secondly, the product must be so attractive that it convinced to purchase and the buyer also like to see in her bathroom at home.

For packagings itself we opted for simple shapes with straight edges and matte silver caps. We designed a subtle logo, because the word ambition does not need a lot of power. The letter “o” was given a drop shape in order to emphasize the moisturizing effect of the product. The drop became an icon for the brand and is used on all caps and as a pattern on the inside of the boxes.

The moisturizing effect of the product is further supported by the delicate light blue degrade in the body of the packaging design.

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