WIT-GELE KRUIS.Rebranding a Flemish icon

Local healthcare for all.

If you live in Flanders you can’t miss them: the white cars of the White-Yellow Cross driving around in every corner of the region. More than 75 years ago the White-Yellow Cross was founded to provide everyone, in every community, with medical care. Today, this ‘local medical care for everyone’ is still deeply anchored in the identity of the White-Yellow Cross. The role and tasks of the organization have made a big evolution since then and they have evolved to being an important partner for medical specialists. An evolution that deserves the proper identity to support it.

By studying the current situation it became apparent that this vision of local care had also been translated into local house styles. Each region had its own identity. The White-Yellow Cross wanted to change this. Of course, the designation of the region remains important. The colors white and yellow, ‘the papal colors’, are not ideal to work with from a graphic point of view. Readability and impact can be a problem. Yet we wanted the push the white and yellow forward, as the name and the colors obviously are strongly connected. Using the right tone of yellow the readability remains optimal.

The old logo had a bit of a conservative and strict impression. We found that the new logo had to convey the warm personality which is true to the organization, without losing its professional character. The cross was given rounded corners and a symbolic road that runs through the cross, inspired by the vision ‘a journey with the patient, a journey to the patient”. For the elaboration of the corporate style we chose a sympathetic but impactful font type, the white and yellow colors give it its overall freshness and the shape of the road expresses the dynamic spirit of the organization.

The White-Yellow Cross can proudly say that today they are a modern health care services provider that with its warm, personal approach to patients is an important pillar in the medical care sector in Flanders. With a new identity to support it, they are also ready to maintain and transcend this role in the future.

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