JULES DESTROOPER.The balancing act

The balancing act.

Jules Destrooper is a beautiful Belgian brand, with a wealth of history and stories. The iconic biscuits like the Butter Crisps, Parisian waffle and Almond Thins have been copied by many, but never equaled.

One of the Jules Destrooper stories is their passion for flavors and the intensive research Jules Destrooper is doing in that field. The flavor components of the biscuits are meticulously decomposed and are joined on complementarity with broader taste groups. By doing so, exciting combinations of tastes are discovered which can be processed in surprising dishes.

To bring this love for food pairing under to the attention at Horeca Expo in Ghent, Flink designed an exhibition stand with the visualization of this ‘balancing act’ of flavors.

The image on the exhibition wall is a combination of graphical enhanced images representing a scene of flavors that try to keep each other in balance. The space and design of the stand was fixed and within this given structure we designed a decor and interior with a fresh yet warm atmosphere, with natural materials.

Of course we were also invited to taste some of the food pairing ideas …. mmmmmm… woaw!

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